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Fascinating, yes, two hours long. I don¹t have time for details, but I can
tell ³Montreal Sunday² belonged to the long, meditative, narrative series of
the Corwood shows, Jandek gently touching the strings with a closed hand,
Jean Derome (so impressing) with his tenor (?) sax standing in the middle
like a pumping heart, playing various air instruments with a great dramatic
sense, the percussionnist and harpsichordist discreetly following Jandek.
First 20 minutes were so emotionnaly DRENCHING that I spent the rest of the
show trying to concentrate, hypnotized by the very strange mood created by
this mix of instruments. Ghost tale: someone dead talking to a living person
and asking him or her to DIE, insistently (die, pleaaasse, die, etc.). At
one point I could not tell whose voice between the two characters the singer
was taking. As english is not my natural language, I will need the recording
to prolongate the experience.


Le 26/06/07 14:55, « spizzletrunk » <spizzletrunk at mountaincable.net> a
écrit :

> This was one of, if not, the best spectacle¹s I¹ve been to during my
> existence.  There were tables to sit at and the music was so damn good.  I was
> fascinated the whole time.  I hope someone with a better knowledge of live
> Jandek can post their comments on this Montreal spectacle.  I left my extra
> ticket at the door for anyone who needed it.  The Flight from Ontario was a
> flight from Ontario.
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