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It's hard to tell, really. Jandek, like Bob Dylan, is capable of a few different voices- there's the breathy thing from the early years that we've seen he's still capable of producing (on albums like "The Cell"), the deadpan "Telegraph Melts" weirdness, the screaming of "Interstellar Discussion"- so it's quite possible the dude could just be doing a "bluesy" voice. Then again, there's background laughter from what sounds like the "Other Voice" on some tracks- "Long Way" for instance. For me, on "C F" Jandek sounds almost like he's switching from one voice to the other- in that light it's probably the worst argument in favor of the two voice theory. But as the original disseminator (or at least one of them) of this argument, I must stand behind it, and say that the man I call Eddie definitely and even sings lead on some songs from Follow Your Footsteps ("Jaws of Murmur"), Blue Corpse ("I Passed By the Building", You Walk Alone ("I Know the Times"), and On the Way ("Ambient
 Instrument", "I'll Sit Alone and Think a Lot About You").  

Brad B <jealousagain38 at gmail.com> wrote:  I'm not sure how most people on the list believe when it comes to the question of the amount of male singers on Blue Corpse/You Walk Alone. I believed for a while that it was the same man from the earlier albums changing his voice a bit, but on Blue Corpse, during "CF", you can distinctly hear two men trading off vocals. I'm guessing someone here's noticed it before. If so, do you explain it as an overdubbing trick or as two different singers? 
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