[Jandek] Ft. Worth lineup

Jandekian Jandekian jandekian at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 13 12:43:48 PDT 2007

YEE-FREAKIN'-HAW!!!  it's about time!!! welcome to tejas, y'all.......

Seth Tisue <seth at tisue.net> wrote:
>Corwood rep: harmonica, vocals
>Susan Alcorn : steel guitar (Houston) (solo + collaborations with
> many including Joe McPhee and Eugene Chadbourne)
>Ralph White: fiddle, banjo (Austin) (solo + former Bad Livers)
>Ryan Williams: bass (Denton) (Baptist Generals)
>Will Johnson: drums (Denton) (Centro-matic, South San Gabriel)

Looks like a hoedown,

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