[Jandek] Boston Friday

Rachel & Gary Simmons rachelgary at cox.net
Mon Jun 11 12:32:12 PDT 2007

Greg Kelly on trumpet, Jorrit Dijsktra on alto saxophone and lyricon, 
Eli Keszler on percussion and the Representative from Corwood on 
fretless bass. This was a jazz quartet like no other! I took along some 
Charles Mingus cds for the drive up to Boston (I live in Connecticut) 
and the music reminded me that there really hasn't been any music with 
the sheer passion, power and emotion of jazz since the sixties. It's 
kind of depressing really. What I witnessed Friday night was everything 
that has been missing in live music. Jandek may not be the most 
technically proficient musician in the world, but he knows how to 
create the perfect ambience for the other musicians to play off. And 
what musicians he chose for this performance - amazing! There will 
probably never be another Jandek performance of this nature (who 
knows?) but I really found the music to be perfect for what Jandek is 
trying to achieve. The Boston ICA performance was simply incredible!

I hope everyone there had as an incredible experience as I did. All 
thanks to those who made it possible. I wait in anxious anticipation 
until I can experience Jandek live again.

Care to all.

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