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Tue Jun 5 18:46:57 PDT 2007

well, maybe the subject line should read "jandek NOT in houston".  reason #1: the rep was a no-show at the keith rowe / loren connors event this past friday at rothko chapel here in houston.  (rather, a no-show as a performer.)  by the way, the evening was stunningly beautiful.  both men list mark rothko as major influences on their art, so seeing them perform in the rothko chapel was a real treat.  they each performed one piece specifically for the chapel and it's art.  loren's piece was 39 minutes in length and keith's was 41 minutes long.  both men were extremely gracious in post-concert conversation(s).  "jandek NOT in houston" reason #2:  in personal correspondence from the rep, he stated "we do not wish to perform houston."  there were other comments pertaining to the ft. worth event that lead me to believe the july concert will be memorable.  of course, aren't they all?  looks like a trip to ft. worth is in my future.

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