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Tue Jul 24 11:50:55 PDT 2007

It's either almost three or a little over three hours long (pardon my lack
of mental math today). I have one more disc to listen to, and I've
transcribed the first disc of the second set. Sorry for lagging! I'll finish
the rest tonight.

I think the listers who have it might be suffering from the same problem as
me - wanting to sit and listen to it altogether. Hard to find that many
hours in a row, at least for me.

The music is great. The second set is more subdued, but avoids the
'dirge-like' quality that some slower Jandek can adopt. I guess you could
say the first set ROCKS, and the second set rolls. Really, really great
music. More traditionally 'blues-like' lyrics than usual, but the music is
the standard live Jandek rock of the 2005 era.

In all, I love it. The bass, as I said in my first email, is awesome - very
on. A few of the early live performances seem to have bass that's kind of
thrown in there, but this is a cohesive, bluesy bassline that is DEFINITELY
worth listening to.

So. More later!


On 7/24/07, alex langer <alanger at hotmail.co.uk> wrote:
> eveyones being a bit quiet on the Brooklyn Wednesday front. Surley it
> doesnt
> take THAT LONG to listen to...huh?
> front cover scan, for those without, would be appreciaTED.
> AL.
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