Lauren Ciechanowski lauren.ciechanowski at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 04:04:34 PDT 2007

Arrived last night. Or, how Corwood learned to stop worrying and love  
the calculator. Hope all of you 'Big Box' purchasers have one, too.  
FOUR DISCS, Corwood's first box set. $20 stand-alone, $10 in a 20+.   
Similar cover to Manhatten Tuesday. From the September 7, 2005 shows  
in Brooklyn.

Two single-size dual-disc jewels in a cardboard sleeve. Same photo on  
all three covers.

Set One:
1. Put Me There
2. Destroy the Day
3. Obscure Physics
4. Structure of Words

1. All I Want
2. Lonely World
3. Change My Brain
4. I'll Send a Thought Out Floating
5. I Love You

Set Two:
1. How 'R You
2. City Pounding Down
3. Different Blues
4. My Necessity

1. Sea of People
2. Sorry, Sorry
3. Tequila Girl
4. Just Enough

Nearly three hours (or more than? Haven't really checked) of Corwood  
listening pleasure. Will take my first crack at it tonight, and try  
the lyrics. Corwood is still desperately clinging to a one-page,  
single-column catalog, margins ever-shrinking. 

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