[Jandek] T Shirts?

Garry Brogden garry at brogd-n.freeserve.co.uk
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I'm in the UK, and we have a website that you can upload a JPEG to, to make
your personalised t-shirts. I'm sure there is equivalent sites in the US.

Anyway, I uploaded Seth's big scan of 'Follow Your Footsteps' (Jandek with
electric) for the front - it's about 10"x10" on a white T-shirt, then
uploaded an advertisement for 'Jandek on Corwood' for the back, so that I
had the name on the t-shirt. Looks pretty good, though you do get some
quizzical looks! Cost me about 15 / $30.

However, when I was at the Gateshead Sage show so long ago, someone there
had a very cool Jandek T-shirt - his head done in swirly coloured dots, with
the word 'JANDEK' beneath it. I have no idea where they got that t-shirt


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On 7/16/07, Brad B <jealousagain38 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Have any of you ever considered making Jandek Tshirts for personal use,
> do you think it'd be appropriate to do so? I've been considering it now
> I have some materials from an iron-on shirt kit.

I once half-jokingly discussed with someone the idea of making Jandek
tour shirts, but this was, i believe, when there had been only one

And if you're not selling them, then why not?

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