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Mon Jul 16 11:18:56 PDT 2007

international code unknown.  phone # is 713-926-4044.  leave a message including your address and you WILL receive a reply.
  p.s. see y'all at the square dance

alex langer <alanger at hotmail.co.uk> wrote:
  maybe just GLASGOW SUNDAY II?

it'll probably have a few sub names (ie. The Cell/ Aftternoon of...)etc.

would anyone send me corwoods phone number? i ordered the last 2 cds in 
early may, waited 4/5 weeks, No CD's. sent another letter 3 weeks ago, 
(nowt) i'll give it another 1 week, but if no CDS, I think phoning would be 
best. (any other cd ordering company might get an earful, but i respect Mr. 
Smith is a busy 1 man buisness) (i'm england so International and area code 

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