[Jandek] The Bowery, Beacon Hill, Biography, Brooklyn Wednesday

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>  Which leads me to another question: if Jandek suddenly published 
> his autobiography, would you read it?
He - for real - publishes it? Doesn't seem to be his focus, but what the hell. If HE really put it out, why not? As a collector, I'd have to have it, and I'd be interested to see how he phrased it, how the prose connected. Judging by recent lyrics I'd say it would read like a Beckett novel, and that most of the "events" would be indecipherable in a realistic sense. But I don't think he's interested in autobiography from a "novelistic" point. How his life works into this strange dream that is Jandek's world is, I think, the main focus of the albums post-"The Beginning." But it could all be fiction. That's part of the fun.

 Another scenario: a crack 
> team of investigative reporters find "Nancy", etc. and piece 
> together the story of Jandek's life without his consent. Would you 
> read that book?
Under no circumstances. He's the artist - his personal life, and the lives of those involved as part of "Jandek," should be left alone.  May "Nancy" have found happiness, wherever she may be. It would be so not right to publicly expose that. But that's me.

P.S.: Brooklyn's coming. 4 CD set (both sets of show). I have no idea how much, or exactly when, but it's next in line. THAT I'm excited about. That's also all I know about it. Man, I can hardly contain myself.

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> Subject: [Jandek] Re: jandek Digest, Vol 55, Issue 151 - Somebody 
> in the Snow 
>   rambling around New York's seedier districts amidst the clatter 
> of drums. The Bowery gets namechecked, and Beacon Hill, then on 
> track 10 a place I can't help but imagine as St. Mark's Place: 
> "yeah (huhuh) I read about your bargain basement / at the corner 
> of the street…" 
> great review of a great record. I just wanted to add my two cents 
> on one minor point 
> Beacon Hill is in Boston, and the famous bargain basement he 
> refers to is likely Filene's Basement, which resides on a very 
> busy corner in Boston 
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filene's_Basement 
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