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Aunt Acid anxietyparty at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 13 23:11:42 PDT 2007

You know, I'm about to place a large order too, and was wondering the same thing. It would be great if the bulk rate applied to everything after you get 20 copies of anything.


Hello everyone, I just heard of jandek, well i just started listening
to him i mean. i downloaded manhattan tuesday and was so intrigued i
feel a need to buy everything from jandek all at once. i see on his
form that by ordering 20 or more of something, it goes into a "box."
now what i want to know is if these "boxes" are each exclusive to
their own type of media.
What i want to know is if i could have 1 of each cd, 2cd, and dvd in a single
"box" using their bulk prices or would i have to get the cds in a box,
and the 2cd and dvds at normal prices.
sorry if i worded this wrong but i await your response nonetheless

-- Tapedek

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