[Jandek] Re: My Response To Whatever the Hell about Whomever's Theory

Matt Endahl mattendahl at gmail.com
Sat Jul 7 09:27:34 PDT 2007

But some theories are closer to the truth than others. No matter how
seperate a person tries to be from their music, the music is still
indebilibly theirs (or theirs, in the case of the people who appear
alongside Sterling). Jandek may have tried to cover his musical tracks, but
that doesn't mean he didn't leave any. Chris Corsano may not be credited on
the Jandek album he contributes to, but that doesn't mean he ceases to be
the same Chris Corsano who played with Bjork and Paul Flaherty. Smith may
not associate his NAME directly with Jandek but that doesn't mean it isn't
him on the recordings.

I agree, kicking around theories is fun, but you can't just say one is just
as valid as any other. If that were the case, what's to stop me from
believing that Paul McCartney really did die in the late 60s and that the
other Beatles dropped subtle hints about such on their records? Suspend
disbelief about the music itself (which no one can ever explain, and not
just Jandek's), not its origin.


 *"Danen D. Jobe" <djobe at uark.edu>* wrote:
> The listener tries to figure it out and comes up with a story of his or
> her own. I published mine, but what the hell. It doesn't make it better or
> worse than anyone else's. I love kicking around these theories, have for
> years.
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