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Matthew Elliott soccerdude219 at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 7 08:00:35 PDT 2007

I figured "the Units" was a joke, since it clearly wasn't a band, but just one guy. It's in keeping with comically mundane origin of his later name as well, isn't it?

Aunt Acid <anxietyparty at yahoo.com> wrote:        Just to clear all this up: whether or not the Vietnam theory even relates tangibly to the albums isn't important. I just thought it to be a pretty interesting thought that no one had brought up before, and might've at the very least shed some light on a name like The Units, if nothing else. 

Didn't mean to piss anyone off, and I full concede to the point about army money being pretty measly. Don't worry - I was fully informed on that end of it by a close friend who has a father who went to Nam and was even decorated with two purple hearts, and even he got only about $6000 in the end of it all.

And Lauren, I'm sure there are a thousand other examples of vets who aren't reclusive musicians and vice versa, but if you consider who we're talking about here, what about Corwood applies to the norm at all? I was merely suggesting that if our man went to war, it may have had an effect on the way he views the public and his privacy, simply because I know a few vets who don't really get out much and it was a possible connection made from my own experience. That's all.

Anyway I think it's pretty lame for people to fight about this shit. I was just hoping to spur some positive speculation!


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