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Thu Jul 5 14:18:19 PDT 2007

"Army checks are enough to get someone a cheap motel and a can of beans for a month, at best"???  First of all, you're just plain wrong on that count and additionally, who's to say the REP paid for the "pressing/shipping/marketing/recording"?  And what an intriguing order of events you listed there.  First you press it, then you ship it, then you market it and THEN you record it.  But I digress....  The obvious difference between your email and Brian's is that Brian was simply putting forth what he considers to be a "plausible theory" and you, on the other hand stated without reservation or doubt that "he is not the musician that he is BECAUSE he might have been a veteran."  Is this something that the rep told you himself?  Never say never.  One thing I DO know about the rep....  He's real good with an axe.
  P.S. See y'all at the hoedown!!

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