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Hey Bill, 

I'm driving up from South Carolina to attend the Richmond show and all I was told by the people organizing the event was that it would be a "totally unique Jandek show" and it was suggested that he would be doing something he's not done live before. I looked into the venue hosting the event and it seems to be a theatre type place...lots of acting and slam poetry going on. So it makes one wonder if this could possibly be the first solo-voice Jandek show? 

Just speculation. Either way, two friends from West Virginia are meeting me there and I'm sure just being in the same room with this man will be an epic experience!


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I live in Richmond, Va., and have tickets to a 150-seat performance by Jandek at a local community theatre venue.  Does anyone know anything about the background behind this show, or the one in Atlanta?  Thanks in advance.

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