[Jandek] Niagra Blues interview & extract

Graeme Larmour graeme at halfcutpublications.com
Mon Jan 1 13:21:05 PST 2007

Hi everyone,

Just letting you know that I've conducted an interview with Danen Jobe on
his fictional Jandek biography Niagra Blues and he has also been kind enough
to let an excerpt from it be republished in the current issue of our Halfcut

The zine is 24 pages, A5, and also includes a profile on David Lynch, an
interviw with Lynch collaborator John Neff about Lynch's latest film, Inland
Empire, and Andrew Hook's short story 'Dirt'.

The zine is free within the UK (for overseas we might have to make a small
charge for postage), so if anyone would like a copy drop me an e-mail via
this list or the Halfcut Publications website (HalfcutPublications with www
before and dot com after).

Happy new year everyone!


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