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Last week I sent my payment to Corwood for "Austin Sunday" and "The
Ruins of Adventure." I included what might be a top 5 "Holy Grail"
question, not expecting an answer. Namely "Have the studio albums been
released in the same order they were recorded."

And he answered me with a simple "yes"

While I guess it's still open for debate WHEN he recorded the albums,
it seems they've came out chronologically. Which isn't too big of a
shock, but still interesting to know.

Well damn! That puts my theory about the albums right out the window!

I was of the camp that perhaps the collaborative records were recorded first, perhaps when he was in his teens or early twenties, experimenting with friends, etc, until he came to a realization of what he wanted to do, and lost the collaborators and set out alone to record his definitive music, i.e. Ready For The House, Six and Six, which are pretty representative of the Jandek approach in my opinion. That way it made sense to me he released that material first, since it was possibly his "pick" of the litter that best said what he wanted to say, and then when he decided to continue the catalog a couple years later, he went back and pressed up some of the earlier material. 

Just coming from a musician's standpoint here, I can attest to the fact that alot of the artists out there do not release everything chronologically. However, in the case of Corwood, where he is the one and final authority on what gets released and when, it seems sensible to approach it in that manner. 

Very interesting to say the least! Something else to keep in mind while listening, no doubt...


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