Alimarea Vasquez beachdame125 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 26 07:12:03 PST 2007

I find all of this somewhat strange.

A year or so ago.. my friend Naythen Wilson called Corwood Industries on a 
whim asking if a cover song could be recorded and released and he received a 
phonecall back saying that Corwood would want to hear it first... then asked 
what kind of a production (was it going to be cd or vinyl) how big of a 
production run, what was the price going to be and that Nayte would have to 
get back in touch with Corwood ASAP about following through.  He did and 
pretty soon that album will be available for sale off of Nayte's website.

It just shows me that if you contact the Rep and you give him some type of 
game plan and do it in a respectable manner than anything is possible.

His website will be finalized and up on the net by the 5th of March.  Feel 
free to order the album and hear the Corwood approved cover.

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