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A. Chankin achankin at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 12:08:54 PST 2007

Dear Jandek-list readers,

A topic of recent and recurring interest are the correspondences which are
believed to exist between a "Corwood representative" and various other
entities.  I wish to add a few general remarks.

I must preface this with a disclaimer that I have no knowledge whatsoever of
Corwood Industries' preferences regarding the treatment of correspondences.
Absent that knowledge, I tend to make some assumptions that I presume other
readers here and corresponders there share.  My remarks, however, are not
based on assumptions.

When any entity sends you correspondence, you should keep in mind that the
authoring entity retains copyright to the material in the correspondence.
Although the physical object is in your possession, that does not give you
the right to publish it, either in a book, as one person suggested, or on
the internet, as some have already done.  You should have that entity's
permission before publishing it anywhere.  If they choose to grant blanket
permission to publish correspondence, that is their business, however,
absent any information, it is not safe to assume your corresponder feels the
correspondences are public information.  Again, this applies to any personal
or institutional correspondence, and has nothing in particular to do with
the Corwood aesthetic or their preferences.

Thank you for your time.
Arthur C.
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