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Ross Morris indiejanglefunkterrorist at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Feb 20 11:36:50 PST 2007

Here's my ideas for the novice Jandekian!
  *Ready for the House (the classic debut...)
  *Follow Yr Footsteps - (THEEEEEE definitive Jandek LP.  If you only buy one...  The Nevermind, the Rolls Royce...  Etc etc)
  *The Rocks Crumble - (noisy rock n roll...  Fantastic LP)
  *Glasgow MONDAY (much better, although I love Glasgow Sunday/Newcastle Sunday tons too - if choosing one of these go for the DVD!)
  *Khartoum / Khartoum Variations - these albums have been real growers on me!  Sorry for counting these as one LP but you get my drift
  Fantastic.  Its hard to cut down to five...  For example I absolutely love "Six and Six", because its a much more accomplished LP...  Nah, screw it... Change "Ready for the House" for "Six and Six".  lol...  What a challenge.  And what about "Living in a Moon So Blue"?  A beautiful and concise piece of work (not so hot on "...Cellophane" LP however)
  Erm...  Other notable entries - "Somebody in the Snow" (for its brilliant eclecticism), "White Box Requiem", "Lost Cause" (Jank-Pop) gahhhh!  Its not easy this shit is it???
  Sorry for being no help whatsoever new Janky fans
  Ross Morris

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