[Jandek] Zoogz Rift

SAMUEL_MATHESON at acdi-cida.gc.ca SAMUEL_MATHESON at acdi-cida.gc.ca
Fri Feb 16 07:07:26 PST 2007

I remember Zoogz Rift from the early 80s, when he was mainly putting out
tapes - at one point, he'd record an exclusive K7 album for anyone who'd
pay him $100 or so (I forget the exact amount).  He also did one of the
best-titled songs of all time, "Beating the Fuck out of Rocky".

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 Has anyone on this list heard of him? I used to have a comp on SST of his  
 called Looser Than Clams. I also had Idiots On A Miniture Golf Course.     
 Great stuff. I mention him here because I just found out that John Trubee  
 played guitar/bass for him for a while. If anyone's intersted he has a     
 myspace page believe it or not. It has some mp3's on it too.               

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