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the trubee interview was un-filtered.  what you heard was what you got.  the texas monthly article was through the kathy vine "filter".  we got a lot of her takes and views on "the rep" without the benefit of actually hearing and seeing his reactions for ourselves.  additionally, there's the safety of the phone interview and the "ambush factor" of the magazine interview/article.  if i'm the "howard hughes" of art and someone comes knocking on my door wanting to talk, i'm going to be a totally different person than i'd be on the phone.  and i won't even mention the fact that ms. vine is a BABE with a degree in english literature and classic humanities, so i'm sure mr. jandek was a little intimidated by her.  no wonder he offered to buy her a beer, or two.  (oops, i DID mention it.......)  and then there's the "time-elapsed factor" between the two interviews.  if i'm not mistaken, there's a 10-15 year time span, right?  don't know about you, but i'm nowhere the same person i
 was 10-15 years ago and the same is true of the rep.  

jesus kenievel <knievelperu at hotmail.com> wrote:  Does anyone know where I can get a transcript of the interview with Jandek 
that John Trubee conducted?

Has anyone else noticed the contrasts between the Trubee interview and the 
Kathy Vine article?

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