[Jandek] African-American bass player

Lauren Ciechanowski ciechano at stolaf.edu
Fri Feb 2 07:43:47 PST 2007

Well, if he's dark-skinned, then how do you know Jandek isn't taking up
basketball or gangsta rap? Point being, I think many of us saw it as a
gross racial (not nececssarily racist) generalization, and wanted to point
out to you that perhaps skin color is not indicative of musical genre.

In response to Ross, while it's fair to say that the list certainly is
more interesting with a bit of controversy, there's plenty of
Jandek-worthy controversy to go around. We don't need racial and sexuality
oriented jokes to 'keep things interesting.'


> Jeez you lot are nob...The photo in question is on Seth's site relating to
> the black (Afro american) & white pictures of the Indianapolis show. The
> guy
> has a cap and is playing fretless bass with a flute player behind him. the
> guy looks black in the photo, definitely darker than  the flautist, but it
> could be the lighting or something..
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