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I constantly see people mention that they have a problem with the a capella albums.
This makes no sense to me.  I feel that the albums are more powerful and so chock full of emotion that they should be impossible to ignore.
He had stepped away from the "comfort" of accompaniment and into a place where all you have are words.  I listen to them a lot and its VERY REWARDING... I find more in them everytime I listen... and I would go as far as to say that is true about the spoken albums moreso than the regular albums.  
I don't see them as challenging to get through, any person who has gone to college and sat through a 4 hour lecture could attest to that.  It is no different then let's say listening to an audio book, tons of people do that.... I don't understand why people make such a big deal about them... and even go as far as to say that people "can't really like the spoken albums"  That is complete crap.
I adore them
I love them
and "Put My Dream on This Planet" kept me from pulling the trigger on myself back in 2004.
If it weren't for that album, I would be wormfood.
Naythen Wilson
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