[Jandek] which Jandek cd's should I avoid

chthonic streams chthonic at chthonicstreams.com
Wed Dec 26 10:15:39 PST 2007

jandek is such an eclectic and erratic artist that the ability to 
connect with his music individually is more important than with anyone 
else i can think of.  for example, conventional wisdom often dictated 
soundalike singles modeled after a hit, such as in the motown days and 
also in the 80s - if you liked song #1 you will like song #2 and 
probably #3, followed by slight variations.  whereas with jandek, i can 
say i love "they told me about you" but be completely unenthralled by 
other songs on the same album which sound almost exactly the same.

clearly the "vocal trilogy" will get the most 'caveat emptor's from 
everyone.  i will also say, if you've heard "om" from 'something in the 
snow' (it is featured in the movie as spooky background music), don't 
buy it thinking the whole album is like that, because it isn't.  but if 
you're up for a bumpy ride that mixes several of his "styles" then go 
for it.

it's certainly easier to list one's favorites than least favorites.  so 
in that spirit i will say, make sure your first order includes:

ready for the house
six and six
chair beside a window
blue corpse

having been at the manhattan show, i would also highly recommend the 
2-disc 'manhattan tuesday'

the rest is up to you...

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