[Jandek] which jandek cds should i avoid?

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To me, the studio albums after he started playing live seem to indicate that most of his energy was going into the live sets. Everyone's going to have a different opinion, of course, but I felt like "What Else Does the Time Mean" was a total throwaway, and I wouldn't give a very high recommendation to "Raining Down Diamonds" either. 

Actually, if you've got limited funds, I wouldn't immediately spring for any of the post-spoken word, pre-live albums either ("I Threw You Away" to "When I Took That Train"). I'm not a big fan of the bass and voice ones, and the more "traditional" ones in that set don't feel like his best work to me.

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> Many can not handle the spoken albums. I am not one, but caveat emptor.
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> > hi, i have limited funds so im probably not gonna buy all jankys cds at once
> > which ones in your opinion are throwaways? i know "when i took that
> > train" is one, and theres a lot of early period ones with just 2 line
> > songs but anyways i would enjoy everyones opinion as to jandeks worst
> > 10 or 20 cds
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