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i'm not sure if this has been mentioned here but i'll post it  anyway....
Sat 23rd & Sun 24th August 2008, Islington Mill, Salford, 25 weekend  
tickets, 3pm starts  
We are honoured and thrilled to bring you a rare appearance from the  
reclusive Texan hero of chilling, solitary heartbreak, free from the chains of  
confinement since 2004 and set to jam with some of Manchester's most notable  
experimental musicians. His bands have, in the past, included such luminaries as  
Chris Corsano, Richard Youngs, Alex Neilson and Phil Todd. The R!R!R! set will  
be recorded for possible release by Corwood Industries. Quite clearly a  
pant-wetting thrill for one and all.  
Since the late 1980s, Richard Youngs has imposed his flurry of vibrant sound  
experimentation on the choiceless few that were fortunate enough to become  
addicted to it. And, over the past 20 years, that experimentation has tested 
the  limits of songwriting as equally as it has of noise, drone and improvised 
rock.  His latest opus Summer's Edge, for example, sees him singing an epic, 
23-minute  a cappella, repetitively phrased beyond the point of irritation, 
forcing the  listener into a passivity that soothes and caresses the soul. He 
almost never  plays live.  
Directing Hand from Glasgow is the brainchild of free-drummer extraordinaire  
Alex Neilson. Skilled in the black-art of ecstatic improvisation, Neilson and 
 his crew of sound-searching souls journey into verdant fields of  
free-psych-drone, delicate-bubbling-noise and traditional UK folk.  
Texan duo comprised of Tom Carter and Christina Carter. One of the most  
important improvisational units in the world today. As Marcus Boon wrote in The  
Wire; "...here is a truly 21st century experimental ethnic music that explores  
quietness and stasis... in the same way that musicians in the second half of 
the  20th century discovered amplification, noise and speed."  
MV&EE is a group of musicians focused around Matt Valentine (formerly of  
neo-psych heroes The Tower Rercordings) and his partner Erika Elder. Their style  
is self-described as "lunar ragas", with many of the lyrics dealing with  
celestial imagery. They combine beautiful Indian raga style composition with  
Appalachian folk and post-psychedelic electrical experimentalism. Get gone!  
A duo of the fantastic free drummer Alex Neilson and the fiery sax of David  
Keenan. A powerful onslaught of free jazz with David providing some high 
energy  saxophone screams alongside Alex's plethora of rhythmic energy. "Like all 
the  great visionary thinkers of our time, from Iggy Stooge to Arthur Doyle, 
David  Keenan and Alex Neilson are autodidactic polymaths devolving advanced 
thought  back to punk-primitive motion." (Tony Herrington)  
Named after the title and protagonist of a short story by Kafka, Sheffield  
drone druids The Hunter Gracchus provide a soundtrack to the story as eerie and 
 aimless as the Hunter himself. Wonderful tripped-out, monotonal, fragmentory 
 bliss courtesy of the people that brought you Peril Hill and the man who 
brought  you Ross Parfitt, Ross Parfitt.  
If Skip Spence were somehow, instead of finding his white-frocked self stuck  
in the rat-infested hole that was Bellvue, transplanted to the pine forests  
north of Malmo, Sweden, in a sonic nest of gimbri, bells, shakers and clothed 
in  Tibetan silk, one would come slightly closer to the reality of Jakob 
Olausson’s  migratory whims. To be sure, that foggy and only slightly inland empire 
of  synapse-twisters like Ben Chasny offers a step on the trodden trail, but 
this  isn’t the same road we’ve traveled before. Olausson’s compositions 
slowly fade  down the walls of four-track bedroom artistry into atemporal suites 
that shrink  huge expanses and are a bellows to the microcosmic.  
Where many of today's rock musicians turn to an eastern aesthetic in pursuit  
of a sprituality not found in the rock with which they honed their chops, 
Serfs  simply take that rock back to its primordial state by stripping away 
everthing  until the tones of the electric guitar are all that's left. Gone are 
melody,  structure and rhythm; in their place are incredible soaring half-solos 
and a  western drone that dazzles the spirit and warmw the heart. If 
Manchester's  musical history is laughable, then Serfs put furrows in the brows of all 
such  detractors.  
English psychedelic noise project centered upon Phil Todd, active since 1991. 
 Releases through labels such as Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers, Siltbreeze, 
 Jewelled Antler, American Tapes, Menlo Park, E.F. Tapes and Freedom From  
incorporate extended droning and atonal extrapolations. Critic James Blackshaw  
described the Ashtray Navigations sound as "sub-aquatic synth bubble, 
busted-up  cassette-tape hiss and distorted electric guitar hover that sounds like a  
mythical god banished from the realm of light and trying desperately to 
clamber  his/her way out of a dark bottomless void where time itself stands still." 
The  Wire's David Keenan has described Phil Todd/Ashtray Navigations as "a 
trashcan  antidote to LaMonte Young."  
Duo of Serfs' guitar hero Tom Settle and EYE HAI member Nick Mitchell,  
occasionally featuring the mind-bending horn of EYE HAI's Andrew Stavely. The  
keyboard/guitar/French horn combo pursues the same astral trail as Sun-Ra with  
stabilisers. Untrained, unkempt and unutterably good. Pop yrself into a trance  
and bliss one off.  
Birds of Delay is the duo of Steven Warwick and Luke Younger. The Birds have  
blossomed into one of the best offerings from the UK noise scene, with a  
prolific outpouring of material, through a never ending list of labels,  
including Chocolate Monk and American Tapes, and their continually evolving live  
performances. While their sound is underpinned by some almighty drones, the pair  
bring out an ever-changing array of instruments and electronic trickery to  
create some of the most intrciately rendered "noise" around.  
Ex-VibraCathedral Orchestra member Julian Bradley brings us one-man noise and 
 drone heroics on guitar, mics, tapes and electronics. This  
hypnotic-endless-universal-intercourse induces waves of tepid despair as it  trawls noise's 
gravelly bottom for sub-Thurston tones, drones and half-licks.  Feet are stomped 
on a digital keyboard, riffs are ditched mid-flow. This is the  stuff of 
one's best nightmares.  
and much more.

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