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> Hey there,
>  Any Jewish Jandek fans out there? Unless I'm very much mistaken (as a goy 
> this is quite possible), 1978 was the year 5739. Ready for the House is, 
> of course, CORWOOD 0739.

Well, the end of 1978 was 5739. What month was Ready for the House released 

>  Can anyone corroborate this? It did once cross my mind that 0739 might 
> refer to the start of WWII, but the invasion of Poland would be 0939, so 
> maybe not.
>  I doubt Jandek is Jewish - although his spiritual progression reminds me 
> of Leonard Cohen inasmuch as he's had an Old Testament Christian phase, an 
> NT phase, and a Buddhist phase)

Do you mean Jandek has had those phases? I don't think Cohen has had a 
Christian phase in his belief or practice, though he has used Christian 
imagery in his writing. I think he explored Scientology for a while, though.

Actually, I think Cohen has always had Judaism in the background and he 
explored other religions as complementary beliefs. Perhaps Dylan would be a 
better comparison.

Now that you mention it, I think I've seen mention made of references to 
every major religion EXCEPT Judaism in Jandek's work. It's not something 
I've sat down and thought about, so I could be wrong, though.

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