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Lars Spurious lars.spurious at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 05:13:27 PST 2007

I'm over in Denmark for the weekend, and have had some assistance looking
through Danish review coverage of the recent Jandek concert in Aarhus. Alas,
there's little content to these reviews, which are made up largely with
accounts of the Jandek 'myth', reports of his appearance and stage persona
etc. One or two interesting tidbits, however.


Gaffa is, I'm told a well known paper. It's a fairly negative review, saying
that the protracted length of the songs, in which it is claimed little
happened musically, made the gig boring. 7 songs in 100 minutes or so, the
Rep starting on piano before moving onto guitar.

In another review - not sure of the link, the Rep was said to have sung
about Denmark. Intriguing!

Apologies for the sketchy nature of this email - perhaps there are others on
the list who attended the concert, or whom speak better Danish than I do! I
want to know what he sang about Denmark!
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