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ryno09 ryno09 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 17 10:46:46 PDT 2007

I've had the Brooklyn Wednesday box set for awhile now but I've only managed to give it a couple of listens, one listen being on good headphones with no distractions. Set One is by far my favorite of the two. The rhythm section of Chris Corsano and Matt Heyner is my favorite so far. It seems that Corsano is always doing something interesting when he plays. Set Two is more toned down than Set One and I think wears a bit thin in the end. 'Change My Brain' from Set One, Disc Two is probably now one of my favorite Jandek songs. I love the intensity of it.

As far as the cover goes, the cardboard slip case that holds the two jewel cases has a different cropping than the two covers in the jewel cases. It also looks a bit darker, as if the contrast has been turned up. The covers for Set One and Set Two are identical shots. Unless my eyes are playing tricks on me, the colorization of the two might be slightly different. One looks a bit more yellow and the other a bit more green in parts.

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