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Wed Aug 15 11:59:51 PDT 2007

I don't know, man, interesting guitar work, but the vocals are hard to hear in addition to the fact that you're kinda mumbling, and it sounds like it was recorded into a tape player in like 1986. It's pretty cheap nowdays (like 100 bucks) to get a sweet digital recorder that would have much better quality, so I'd reccomend that, depending on how serious you are. I hear zero Daniel Johnston in yr music, as it pretty much has no melody in by any conventional definition. I guess there's a little Jandek, but whereas Jandek sounds serious, you just come more as a guy trying to sound funny or weird. That isn't to say you sound like a phony- it just seems a little "art damaged", and judging from yr influences, perhaps that's inevitable. But that Bar Mitzvah photo is classic. Anyway I appreciate yr balls in sending this a list of people who would inevitably rip you a new one, or worse, say nothing at all.  
  If anyone else makes music and has it on some kind of nifty streaming website, I'd love to hear it. Some might consider it off topic, but I'm interested in hearing people's home-recorded crap, so if you don't want to send it to the list, send it to me. 

BlackMonk <BlackMonk at email.msn.com> wrote:
  I guess I could be called Jandek-like in some sort of general sense. 
Actually, I have been. Personally, I think I'm closer to Daniel Johnston, 
and not all that close to him.

If you want, decide for yourself:

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