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I'm making some updates to the "About Jandek" page which has gotten
pretty horribly of out date.  Among other edits, I'm adding some text
about the recent solo studio albums, the series that started after the
voice-only records, beginning with I Threw You Away in 2002.

I was a little startled to realize there are FOURTEEN of these albums
now.  Corwood is now releasing so many Jandek albums so quickly that I'm
finding it difficult to absorb all of them, especially since the live
discs (and audience recordings) have all been so captivating.  Some of
these fourteen I've hardly listened to at all.  It's daunting.

Some of us posted reactions to these discs when they were released.
What I'm wondering now is which ones you find yourself returning to.

If your answer is "none of them", I guess you could post that -- we've
already heard from a few people who haven't much cared for any of these
records -- but I'd be most interested in hearing from people who have
found particular ones rewarding on a continuing basis.

I'll start:

I still think I Threw You Away (0770) is a standout and I prefer it to
the two that followed.  I've listened to this one a lot and it really
stands up.

I'm also crazy for the original Khartoum (0781) -- the lyrics are
diverse and vivid and the guitar playing is outstanding.  (I wish I
could have been at that solo acoustic guitar show in London...)

I like the way the bass records *sound* -- the rep is so expressive on
the instrument -- but I don't have a favorite one yet.  (The new one is
recorded beautifully -- I might pick it to focus on.)


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