[Jandek] Another separated at birth....

Garry Brogden garry at brogd-n.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Apr 18 11:49:55 PDT 2007

In the UK recently there was an advertisement for some insurance company or other. The plot was a guy wandering through a landscape of bad omens - a river of black cats etc.

The guy was the spit image of the Representative. Tall, drawn, very pale, all in black, trilby, even down to the vaguely high waisted trousers. It can't possibly have been a coincidence. 

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Was watching this odd show on multi-culti telly here called AUTOPSY: LIFE & DEATH, and it made me laugh how much the chief coroner, Dr Gunther von Hagens looks similar to the Rep - esp. the trilby hat!
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