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jodi shapiro jodi at samuraiphotog.com
Sun Apr 15 20:45:44 PDT 2007

It's been a rough few days at work, so here's a few thoughts on last  
night's show:

- I didn't expect Jandek to be such an active guitarist.

- Pete Nolan was an excellent counterpart.

- Watching the show was sort of like watching someone in the throes  
of religious ecstasy. It was a little intense to witness something  
that is usually a very private thing, but it was so compelling that  
it felt even more wrong to look away.

The show seemed to fly by, and afterwards we were jokingly referring  
to it as the "Springsteen set." I'm glad I got to experience it  
firsthand, instead of hearing the CD when it comes out and wishing I  
had gone.

- jodi

jodi shapiro

jodi at samuraiphotog.com

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