[Jandek] The Cell

Yuval Legendtofski legendtofski at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 01:33:27 PDT 2007

Word up brother! Easily Jandek's masterpiece for this decade. the live DVD
will rank as one of the finest Amerinidie-films of this decade as well.

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> Okay, this isn't exactly news, but I just got ahold of Glagow Monday (the
> Cell) and I gotta say, if you haven't got it yet you have to. It's easily in
> the Jandek top ten, absolutely different from everything he's ever done, and
> yet in keeping with it too. The negative space is vast, man. It's a great
> meditation, and it's also a great "entry" album for the wimpy newb, since
> it's kind pretty and not atonal at all. And Neilson's weird cymbal noises
> send shivers up my spine! That is all.
> -Spence
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