[Jandek] clarifying (but not much)

Gavin gavin at arkhonia.co.uk
Sat Apr 7 10:12:40 PDT 2007

> And good point Gavin (and others) that I was perhaps too brash on
> the writer of the article (though I DID say that it was well-written
> -far better than the dross that passes for reviews around there).

Yeah, I think your acknowledgement maybe got lost in my comments; I
never read Pitchfork, and only ever came across it by people dissing
it - it says nothing to me about my life, although its
holier-than-thou music nerdery is nothing new, just a third-generation
refinement of what I used to read in the NME 20-odd years ago. 
Hopefully readers Spencer's age or younger well exercise judgement,
read between the lines, and not take any of this pompous sniffiness at
face value - but I felt that there was a certain truth in this review
that was what prompted me to write.

> I've been engulfed in this catalog on this project for nearly two
> years now - and been a listener for fourteen! Perhaps I expect too
> much, or maybe I'd just like to see Corwood get some recognition
> from a good source before th inevitable praise that will follow in
> the decades to come. I'd wager on that.

Possibly...I'd like to think that the 'inevitable praise' is going to
be from better thinkers and writers than Pitchfork though. Let them
and their ilk either ignore Jandek or highhandedly dismiss it - I
think Jandek is a different kind of art that may breed a different
kind of critique, and no mere jobbing music journalist is *ever* going
to really 'get it' unless they too "just let it wash over them".

On a peripherally-related issue, don't know if anyone's posted this
yet, from The Wire Magazine's newsletter:

> LISTEN to two Wire related radio shows broadcast as part of
> Resonance FM's ongoing Clear Spot series 
> The Clear Spot: Adventures In Modern Music -  features highlights
> from The Wire's Adventures In Modern Music festival held in Chicago
> in September last year, including extracts from sets by Jandek, Om,
> Subtle, Paul Flaherty and more. Hosted by The Wire's Tony Herrington 

> http://www.thewire.co.uk/web/airextras.php

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