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Points taken, I can understand what you and the reviewer mean, although my words for him at this point are "If you don't like what you hear after 4 albums and a liveshow, I'd say turn back now because it only gets worse."

Maybe I'm weird, but I don't get sick of Jandek. In fact I only become more and more aware of what he's tuning into and find myself listening to Corwood records on a more regular basis all the time. However, I'm sure it's possible that one day down the line somewhere, I might feel the need to move on because I don't get anything from the music anymore, but I doubt it. Seeing him live only cemented this feeling, and that "trancelike state" you mentioned is pretty close, to me. Even when Jandek got loud and fast and heavy it was still very psychedelic to my ears. Really great music to get lost in, even though the Richmond set definitely had a "pulse" for you to hang on to through the chaos and dissonance. But yeah, once that daze sets in and you're just staring off at the wall or zoning out to one note on the bass, even the most untuned dissonant stuff can suddenly seem harmonic and beautiful. That's what I get from it though. I love how no one really hears Jandek the same
 way, ever. You guys probably all think I'm a loon for writing all that shit. Jandek, psychedelic? No way. Hah!

Also, Stacey, thanks for identifying the fact that it has been pretty hostile here lately. I didn't mean to come off angry at Spencer or anyone else really, and if I did I apologize. Pretty funny to hear about your girlfriend's experience with The Electric End though...I wonder what she'd think of my band's cover version of it! Ours is much much heavier, and done only on two guitars, but it's still absolutely mental frantic playing for 20 straight minutes. 

Speaking of my band's covers of Jandek tunes, everyone wish us luck! I sent my first correspondence to Corwood last week along with 4 completed recordings we've done for the cassette release we're proposing. We're really hoping to get his blessing on it. If not, it will become a free downloadable release on our label's website.



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