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stacey graham staceygraham at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 08:04:16 PDT 2007

Brian said: "I mean, seriously, look at who you're posting to, people who
listen to some of the least appealing music out there..."
Thank you Brian for hitting a nail right on the head.  I posted a very angry
comment to this board yesterday trying to get everybody to step back and try
to see how argumentative the list has been lately, and then I went back and
had it deleted before the moderator posted it.  I realized that I was just
adding to the bad vibes, and there had to be a better way of diffusing the
situation.  I have been on bicyclcing e-mail lists where I had to
unsubscribe myself because they just devolved into people trying to bait the
crowd and then the PC thought control police firing back, and it was a

I don't know how seriously everybody takes these e-mail lists, but to me
they are good diversions from the workday and as soon as they start getting
out of hand they become not such a good diversion.

BTW (getting back to Brian's quote), I posted this when I joined the list
but it's funny enough to repeat.  A person can convince themselves to listen
to some screwed-up stuff while tripping on acid.  Once during an acid trip
and while listening to The Electric End my wonderful girlfriend flipped out
and got really agitated and flipped-out about "that horrible music".
Now when I listen to Jandek at home she tells me to go put the headphones
on or she goes in the other room.  To her Jandek is truly worse tham
anything else I listen to, and I listen to a lot of annoying stuff!

Stacey Graham
Minneapolis  MN  USA
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