[Jandek] online articles, ride to Seattle

allan macinnis ammacinn at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 30 10:07:30 PDT 2006

Gavin - thanks for posting that. The online version has a couple of new 
errors to it, but doesn't fix the error in the print edition. The two 
paragraphs following Seth's quote are still Seth, and then there's the bit 
about "politically correct speech," which is me; it's been blended all 
together. I pointed out these errors, which were not in the original 
version, to my editor, but he hasn't repaired them and probably won't, since 
the piece will be down presently, when the new issue comes out... Apologies 
for the misattributions! (Nilan Perera's name is spelled wrong once, too, 
and there's also supposed to be a paragraph break after the "what kind of 
silly asshole I am" line.)

My responses to the Jandek show in Toronto are here:

SOMEONE else from Vancouver is on the line, ain't they? I'll pitch in for 


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