[Jandek] Chicago - "Is this on?"

Windless Air Music nevermor at francomm.com
Fri Sep 22 19:53:56 PDT 2006

 Listening to THE CELL and then this post comes in. Wow. I need to hear 
this... Anyone got a recording they'd care to swap?
Just wonderin' what's next for the man? Can hardly believe all the 
reports. It just sounds amazing and it all seems like such a natural 
evolution. Yes. It all makes perfect sense



Lauren Ciechanowski wrote:

>While you may think the lyrics were a bit weak, I'm more inclined to think
>that they were (gasp!) rock song lyrics. Think about it - the whole
>evening was sex drugs and rock and roll, full of head-bobbing delight. He
>was playing in a bar - I thought the lyrics and the music suited the venue
>perfectly, and I fully believe he was playing to that aesthetic. That's my
>thought, at least.

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