[Jandek] Live boots in circulation? (this is not a request for them though)

allistur cranston tuffgnarl70 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Sep 22 10:01:38 PDT 2006

of the as yet not officially released live recordings i have copies of the following:
  Instal, Glasgow, Scotland 16/10/2005 
  (2 sets  1st w Lorren Conners/2nd w Heather Leigh Murray & Alan Licht)
  St. Giles-in-the-field, UK 18/10/2005 (solo)
  i had the pleasure of attending this one!
  Portland, USA 20/4/2006 (w Sam Coomes & Emil Amos) 2cds 
  and to be released officially soon i think?
  All tomorrows parties, UK 14/5/2006 (w Richard Youngs & Alex Nielson)
  Bristol Cube, UK 17/5/2006 (2nd set) (w Chris Corsano & Mick Flower)
  i also had a ticket for the 2nd london show which was cancelled at short notice! i mentioned this in my last order to corwood and am hoping he may give some explanation when my order comes through - he has written me replies before regarding my questions, i have an 9 line letter which begins: "dear sir" and ends "best regards, corwood". it is a most prized possession!
  if anyone is interested in copies of live stuff by all means contact me, and if anyone has other stuff, i'd be particularly interested to hear the set he did in sweden(?) on organ and with the harp player.

SCOTT MCKEATING <scottjames23 at btinternet.com> wrote:
  Does anyone know which live boots are in circulation?

I've heard of first Glasgow show, gateshead,
Connors/Jandek show... 

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