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 Great review, and Seth, what I will add you can decide to post or not;  I certainly don't want to reveal anything about Jandek that should remain secret.

What I wanted to add was simply this:  Mark seemed to think the band was well-rehearsed, but they weren't.  They met Jandek that afternoon;  they spent maybe an hour, an hour-and-a-half talking and playing, and because I was close to the stage, fiddling with cameras, and talking shop with my lighting director, I DID manage to eavesdrop a little.    Their talk was less on specific pieces, and more on the overall philosophy (is that the right word?) of how they would play together.

I was as impressed with the bands' amazing intuitive sense, and sense of inventiveness as I was with the harrowing soul-bearing performance by The Representative From Corwood.   I was astonished at how the band were able to glean from his words when a song might end;  when it might dip or rise.  Really top-rate, and a concert I will not soon forget.

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