[Jandek] Toronto Show Report

Darin Mitchell susseddm at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 17 21:19:01 PDT 2006

Just a quick recap: Jandek played for about 1hr. 45 min. tonight. He started 
at exactly "7:15" (maybe a few minutes late). He was on Korg Synthesizers as 
advertised and the songs had a rather clam, dream-like feel to them and they 
were mostly long pieces. The lyrics were grim as usual. Many references to 
the "sick bed," a second self, long walks, rain, death.... a few lines stood 
out, "I destroyed myself just to be anyone," and "He spoke, I listened, he 
moved, I watched," and "I wanted to kill him!"

I was at the New Castle show and this was nothing like it, although I felt 
the same at the end: exhausted, sore, intrigued, enlightened, elated, 
curious, hypnotized, etc.

The musicians he played with tonight were excellent. The percussionist knelt 
on a blanket while he played. The bass man played a strong stand-up and the 
guitar player made use of some interesting tools.

I noticed a number of people get up and leave about halfway through and then 
again with a song or two left.

The venue was wonderful.... a lot of character. They sold popcorn. Many 
video cameras.

First song and last song were instrumentals. Jandek's face was completely 
expressionless all night long. He seemed very focused. A good sized crowd 
(150 maybe?).

I went with my sisters who listen to top 40, and they said the enjoyed the 
show (although I am pretty sure at least one was just tying to be nice).

Maybe more later. I am sure others have much to say.


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