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Wed Sep 13 08:07:34 PDT 2006

I mentioned a possible connection between Corwood and the Residents many years ago, actually...
There is a Czech band called Uz Jsme Doma... their singer/guitarist/keyboardist Marek Wanek is a pretty big Res-head (he co-authored the "Eyeball to Eyeball" book)... a bunch of years ago, the Residents played in Czech Republic and used Uz Jsme Doma to flesh out the live-band, and Wanek handled the new musical arrangements and such (there is some bit of these performances included on the "Freak Show" book/box-set)... anyways, when Wanek was in Chicago once and we got to talking about music, I asked if he listened to Jandek... his response was something along the lines of that he had once received a letter from someone Corwood-ian about possibly working together... it struck me as incredibly, incredibly odd, given the jarring differences in the two types of music (UJD are kind of an operatic progressive punk thing)... I've often wondered if it was because there was a secure feeling of continued anonymity given Wanek's tight-lips concerning Residential tidbits and such... or something to that effect... 
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