[Jandek] Fictional Book about Jandek

Vincent, Jonathan C jcvinc2 at email.uky.edu
Tue Sep 5 04:39:08 PDT 2006

i hope it is better than "last days" by gus van sant... don't worry daniel it could never be that bad.


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Personally I think it's very interesting and creative of you to write an entire book of fiction based on your imagination of who Jandek is. The unanswered questions of Jandek spark imagination and I believe that you, being a creative and imaginative person were inspired by this. I think it says alot about Jandek's fans that the very mention of this book has sparked so many strong opinions. The more people write in response, the more I see how Jandek has effected other people. I love to talk to people about Jandek, because to this day, I haven't met, in person anyone who has even heard of him. 
I don't think it cheapens or takes away from the story or music at all. I think Corwood Industries sanctioned the writing and publishing of this book mostly out of curiousity. Personally, I'm looking forward to reading it, just as I looked forward to watching "Last Days" by Gus Van Sant.

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