[Jandek] Your Other Men remix 7"

Robert Ayler starfolio at gmail.com
Mon Sep 4 07:48:34 PDT 2006

Hey all -- first post here. Jandek remix 7" is now out. Is this the
same remix project that was talked about at the September 6, '05 NYC



Your Other Men (Secret Frequency Crew Remix) b/w Phoenecia Outer Harmy 7"
lab price: $6.00
available: yes
item #: lp-2840
edition: 300

…and then the world imploded. Pulled from the big box of things you
never thought you'd see at Turntable Lab, here's a Jandek 7". For
those unfamiliar, a little history: Jandek is the weirdo folk legend
who, until recently, had constructed a mildly successful 30+ year
music career without ever once playing live, giving an interview or
even identifying himself (or themselves) by a proper name. (For a more
interesting and detailed history, check out tisue.net/jandek.) Anyway,
in the '90s, Jandek put out a series of totally acapella albums which,
while totally creepy, I'd always thought were ripe for remixing. Along
comes the Secret Frequency Crew. Already doing the unthinkable (i.e.
remixing Jandek's wild vocal intonations and awkward dark folky
stylings), the Crew decided to remix a non-acapella track from
Jandek's classic album Blue Corpse, and they were totally on-point. On
the A-side, Lab associate Egg Foo Young and his Secret Frequency
compadres remix "Your Other Man(1)" in a subtle fashion, not the Miami
bass attack you'd expect. It's more of a re-edit, with smooth bass and
gentle electronics added to the mix, making ol' Janky seem like a real
deal crooner. I always knew old boy had soul! The version on the
flipside(2) – labeled "Phoenecia Outer Harmy" – is a bit more
abstract, barely touching the original Jandek vocals and instead
opting to deconstruct the drums from the original for a downtempo
feel. These remixes were approved by Jandek's "label" (Corwood
Industries) and the 7" includes a Xeroxed copy of the note(!). This is
a one-time pressing, strictly limited to 300 hand-numbered copies, so
get it while you can

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