[Jandek] Jandek Fictional Biography Forthcoming; Author to Read/Sign in Toronto & Chicago

Frank Hardy soccerdude219 at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 2 22:07:10 PDT 2006

P.S. Just to make it clear, I'm not against the idea of a fictionalized account of Jandek's life, I'm just against actually using his name and Corwood, etc. Even if you just changed it to (for example) Kednaj and Norwood Industries I think I'd be more into it.
  Maybe I'm just reacting strongly because I had this same idea a few years back and it quickly struck me as such a terrible waste of time and frankly kind of a stalkerish endeavor that I want to spare anyone else from traveling down the same road. But since you're already done with it, all I can say it more power to you Danen. Maybe we can get Oliver Stone to adapt it into a movie- I hear he's pretty good at making up history! 

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