[Jandek] Seattle, love, god, vancouver

Amber M begmebitch at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 31 14:55:28 PST 2006

I thought Sam Coomes did a fantastic job, as well as everyone else. We 
listened to "one last chance" on the drive over, and that was a good lead up 
to the performance that night. I particularly loved the lines, "You belong 
to me," "You are mine," "Yes, dear. I can change, rearrange." These 
interlocking themes of love and god always grab me. I was also taken by the 
poise and relaxed enthusiasm on stage.

Re: Vancouver
Sorry about the lateness, Allan. Who the fuck shows up late for a Jandek 
show? I was breathless and almost weepy when I saw the blue-lit stage. And 
after, when my new-to-Jandek arm candy gushed about how much he liked the 
show, I decided I could probably keep him around. So yeah, date Jandek fans. 
Me and my *cough*boyfriend will happily supply our new favourite hangover 
travel companion with glowing references. Hot Loins tonight at Pat's, and 
it's Fake Jazz Wednesday tomorrow, Cobalt.

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