[Jandek] Re: "Ready for the House" cover art & others

Michael Mellor miquelotjr at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Oct 16 02:16:21 PDT 2006

maybe it's stating the obvious, but Christopher Marlowe, whose face has been identified on the cover of Ready for the House, was the author of Faustus... who sold his soul to the Devil...that staple of Blues mythology...* 
  anyone else found any allusions on the covers...? i like that Six & Six has been doctored so that the eyes seem to have a moon and stars in them... a whole universe through the windows of the soul. It also seems significant that the profile shot on Later On (1981) provides the silhouette for One Foot in the North (1991) - maybe SRS has become a shadow of his former self by then...? he did, two albums later, effecively sack the band and go back to playing solo acoustic. 
  oh yeah, and What Else Does the Time Mean [sic] made me laugh: "Jandek poses with his axe" - it almost seemed like an allusion, too, to Irwin Chusid's line about Jandek records being like trees that have fallen in the forest 30-odd times (at that point) with no-one to hear them
  anyhow. i don't mean to divert attention from the music, just thought i'd stick my oar in. by the way, can anyone tell me how they figured out that some of the covers have been photoshopped? i've only got CDs (of about half the back catalogue). any interpretations...?
  *personally, i like to think that Will Oldham's 1993 debut, as Palace Brothers (There Is No One What Will Take Care of You) acknowledges a debt to Corwood, with its lurid pink, green, and yellow sleeve... although it's the 2nd Palace Bros. album, Days in the Wake, most people describe as Jandekian, with its smudge of a face beside a window on the cover, and weirdly tuned one-take ramblings from Oldham's current hermit persona

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