[Jandek] any precedent to Jandek/ "Duality of Self"

Danen D. Jobe djobe at uark.edu
Fri Oct 13 20:04:09 PDT 2006

> Hi all.  Just wondering because it's such a big world of music, but 
> is there
> anything out there that may be considered to be musically close to 
> Jandek?
> I wonder especially if somewhere in the blues world there was a 
> precedent.

Which phase? To me, the bluesman Tommy Johnson is probably as close as anybody gets to acoustic Jandek, but the electric band(s) fit into the free-wheeling garage world pretty easy - not far from the Monks for the first stage (particularly 'Telegraph Melts'). Really though, the Tommy Johnson song "Cool Drink of Water Blues" (aka "I Asked for Water, She Gave me Gasoline") is quite possibly the most direct lineage to our man. Someone around here mentioned Charlie Patton the other day and this is pretty spot on.

I know this is a judgement call... The world is so big 
> and we
> all see such a small part of it, maybe somewhere far away there is 
> somebodyelse "working the dark corners".
> -- 

Hmmm...I think a lot of these musicians are sort of "hiding in plain sight." For instance, Andrew Hill is on Blue Note records (but so was so much great stuff, once upon a time) but I find his curious approaches to rhythm, and the fact that he's always playing outside the rest of his group, to be close. Yeah it's jazz, but Hill thrives on "wrong notes" while still leaving the integrity of "song structure" intact. He also tends to use backing musicians to color his music, as opposed to trying to find megalomaniac soloists. I see that for sure in Jandek's use of current backing musicians. If there's any reason for them to remain anonymous, it's that nobody ever takes a "solo," per se. The sound is the mix of the crew - even in Toronto, where the musicians did more than usual, it was a matter of layering, as opposed to allowing individual space.

To this degree, I also think you can find some precedence in Miles Davis' work post-Bitches Brew, pre-1976 "semi-retirement." No, I wouldn't say Jandek's made any "dark funk" lately, but take a listen to Agharta/Pangea (Japanese shows from 1975) or "Dark Magus" (about a year earlier). These shows were entirely improvisational, and though solos were present the idea was mostly to create a "sound." In the current live music, that's what rises to the surface. Look at "the Cell" (and I can't wait for the Manhattan show to come out - I want to hear it!), and it's easy to see a relation.

Oh, btw, something I think is okay to mention is that the Toronto show was called "Duality of Self." Can't remember if anyone else had mentioned that. It wasn't announced at the show, but it hasn't really been kept secret, either. It definitely fits the theme of the lyrics. REALLY wish I could listen to that again...sigh. I hope his prediciton of "about a year" isn't off. 

Also wanted to apologize to anyone who's ordered the book and not yet received it (that would include me, btw). Turns out the printer forgot to print page 34, so it's being re-pressed. It WILL be out soon! It's certainly not the fault of the publisher (who's been fabulous all along) - just one of those things that happen.

Wish I was going to Seattle...still debating Indy. Has anyone figured out how to get tickets to that yet? For that matter, is anybody going? Gonna be a fast trip for me (if I can make it) as that's smack in the middle of Finals (but thankfully on a Saturday). Guess I'll grade on the way back...

 I suppose I'll call the theatre and leave a message. If i find anything out I'll post.



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